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Ep 87. Andrew Oland President and CEO of Moosehead Breweries Ltd. on continuing tradition




Andrew is 6th generation in his family business and in the interview he shares his passion for seeing his employees grow and develop. By staying true to the product, Andrew provides insights into the company, the industry, and the values that produce a successful business. Andrew aims to lead by asking questions and to share his love for what he does with the community. In the interview you will learn about the importance of honesty and owning up to your mistakes.



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Ep 82. Lyndsay Borschke Owner of Tuck Shop Trading Co. on putting ideas into action

Lyndsay Borschke is the owner and designer at the Tuck Shop Trading Company. In the interview you will realize how important it is to act on the ideas we come up with and Lyndsay also reveals what it is like to take a risk to pursue your passion. Lyndsay has gained a wealth of knowledge throughout her past and is now utilizing her skills to build a true Canadian brand.

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Ep 77. Sam Keefe Managing Director of Granite Brewery on leading a great team

Learn from Sam Keefe, Managing Director of Granite Brewery as he discusses his family business, leadership and the beer industry.


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Ep 71. Patti Johnson VP of Fossil Canada on doing things that scare you

Patti is a very ambitious individual who is not afraid to take on more responsibility to ensure success. In the interview you will learn about fostering a motivated team environment.


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Ep 70. Sean Aherne President of H.A. Sheldon Canada on the power of listening

Sean has grown up with mentors who have enabled him to excel in his career. In the interview you will learn about the power of listening and how to respond appropriately to ensure progress.

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Ep 69. Erin Gamelin Operations Manager at Louis Cifer Brew Works on having an ongoing perspective

Erin has been very active in the business world by looking up to industry leaders and sharing her insights at a variety of events. In the interview you will learn how to maintain a staff built on integrity.


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Ep 68. Mark Johnson Founder of Kovalum on transferable skills

Mark is taking the time to ensure that he is able to maintain quality as he expands his business. In the interview you will gain insights on the importance of transferrable skills.

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Ep 57. Doug Burns CEO of Muskoka Roastery on building the right team

Doug has made it his mission to ensure that the product is taken care of with the highest of standards from the source of the beans all the way to your morning cup of coffee. In the interview you will learn the importance of building the right team.






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Ep 48. Bonnie Stern Owner of Bonnie Stern Cooking School on following your authentic path

Bonnie has authored 12 bestselling cookbooks, hosted national cooking shows, appears regularly on TV shows, writes a weekly column for the national post, and is one of Canada’s most popular food personalities. In the interview you will learn what it is like to find your passion and pursue it.

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