Ep 93. Chris Ciesielka of Nutreco Canada on the brands pets love


A Leader in Animal Nutrition

Nutreco Canada is a leading animal nutrition company that invests in research, development and technology application to deliver superior results for producers. Our brands, Shur-Gain and Landmark Feeds, offer a wide range of livestock and poultry nutrition and health solutions.

Shur-Gain operates in Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada, as well as New York, USA. Landmark Feeds operates in Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Both Shur-Gain and Landmark Feeds are long established brands: Shur-Gain dates back to 1937 and Landmark Feeds to 1954. The animal nutrition products of Nutreco Canada include premixes, concentrates, complete feeds and feeding programs.

Our customers are served from 12 animal feed and premix manufacturing facilities, with an annual production of approximately 1.1 million tonnes of feed for swine, poultry, beef and dairy cattle. Shur-Gain is supported by an extensive dealer network in both Ontario and Quebec. In Atlantic Canada, Shur-Gain offers customers 13 Feeds’n Needs Retail Outlets. Nutreco Canada has a dedicated pet food plant that produces private label and branded products in St. Marys, Ontario. Landmark Feeds provides one-on-one customer service with a strong sales team in Western Canada.

The head office for Nutreco Canada is located in Guelph, Ontario.

Our parent company, Nutreco, is headquartered in the Netherlands and is a global leader in animal nutrition and fish feed. Nutreco’s advanced feed solutions contribute to the food supply for millions of consumers worldwide.

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Nutreco Canada’s parent company Nutreco (a global leader in animal nutrition and fish feed).
Our brands Shur-Gain and Landmark Feeds.

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