Ep 92. Terry Ackerman, CEO of Canandian Lamb Company on the LAM brand

ABOUT www.cdnlamb.com

The Canadian Lamb Producers Cooperative is the only agri-food organization in Canada that is focused on increasing Member’s Farm Cash Receipts by marketing Canadian lamb products from Members and building a national and international brand that will be owned by lamb producers.

Membership in the Cooperative is restricted to active Canadian lamb producers. Canadian lamb producers are able to acquire membership in the Cooperative by purchasing Membership Shares and Investment Shares. In addition, each producer is required to sign a 36 month Production Agreement committing the producer to sell to the Cooperative, on an annual basis, the number of “properly finished” lambs that is comparable to the number of Investment Shares owned by the Cooperative.

The head office of the Cooperative is in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with a regional office in Guelph, Ontario. All purchasing of lambs from Members is conducted from the Saskatoon office.

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