Ep 86. Greg Bay, CEO of Coretection talks about his specially designed shorts

Greg Bay talked me about his passion for helping people. After spending many years practicing physiotherapy, he decided to come up with the ultimate short design that not only look great, but help patients heal the proper way!

As seen on Dragons Den, the purpose and design of CORESHORTS™ is what differentiates them from a general compression short and makes them unique. CORESHORTS™ set a new industry standard and are a necessary component of any athlete’s equipment. They are designed to mimic the functional anatomy of the core area (the body’s anterior and posterior diagonal sling systems) while also providing compression.


CORESHORTS™ patented design (Core Activation System) utilizes a series of strategically angled elastics to produce the first anatomically correct compression short.

Low back, pelvic and groin injuries primarily occur in sports, recreational and work activities that involve bending and twisting, a change in direction and speed and repetitive motions.

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