Ep 8. Teddy Bernholtz & Moshi Ami, Owners of Chicago 58 Foods Share Their Family Story

For three generations, the Bernholtz family has been running and operating Chicago 58 Foods. Specializing in the finest deli products, Ted and Moshi share their insights on the history, and successes of owning and operating your own company. This interview shows listeners how close knit and evolved a family business can be, and that while days may be long and busy, when you love what you do, there will always be great and often delicious rewards.


Passionate about what they do, both Ted and Moshi love to share stories of their past. In the entrance of their headquarters, the walls are filled with generations of memorabilia, tape rolls, presses and pictures. They shared the reasoning behind the name “Chicago 58” and provided me with some insight on what owning and operating a family business is like.

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Jessica Proeller