Ep 55. Erin Morgan, General Manager of Ontario Bean Growers Talks About the International Year of the Bean!

Erin Morgan is the general manager of Ontario Bean Growers. During the interview, Erin discussed the excitement of the upcoming year as it is the international year of the bean, and emphasized the importance of increasing your bean intake. This interview will give listeners a deeper insight on where our beans come from, and the importance of working with a great team and listening to the people around you.


Erin was very inspirational and mentioned the importance of accepting the fact that others may have more knowledge than you do, and instead of being discouraged by that, use it and grow from it. She is so passionate about her job, while also caring about the wellbeing and success about farmers, which is an important part of the work she does on a daily basis.

Web: http://ontariobeans.on.ca/

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Jessica Proeller