Ep 41. Michael Girkout, President of Alvarado Street Bakery Talks About Being Organic Before Organic was “Cool”

Michael Girkout is the President of Alvarado Street Bakery in California. After working there for over 30 years, Michael talks about how they currently employ over 100 people and produce and distribute over 30 organic baked goods. The dedication of workers past and present to make the highest quality organic baked goods anywhere continues to be the force behind what they stand for. After all, their slogan is “We are changing the way the world eats — one slice at a time.”


This interview with Michael will give listeners a deeper insight on what makes bread organic, and why organics are Alvarado Streets Specialty. He talks about the use of sprouted wheat in their breads, and what separates organic bread from standard bread on store shelves. Throughout the interview Michael discusses how successful a business where the leader thinks of his employees as equals can be.

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