Ep 4. David Marcus, Owner of David’s Condiments shares the true story behind their specialty steak rub

In todays show I have the pleasure of interviewing David Marcus, Owner of David’s Condiments. His special rubs, marinades and pastes are created to be enjoyed by all and to help anyone on a low-sodium diet. Join us as he shares his insights and lessons learned over the years.

David met his wife, a trained Chef who working for an artisan bakery, and like David she has a passion for food, cooking and entertaining. Since they’ve met, cooking has been a great team in the kitchen.

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David loves the cottage, where it’s about summer barbeques, dinner parties, glasses of wine, sunsets, friends and family all around. After serious family health issues, David wanted his family to have a healthier life style when it came to food. David and his family re-invented all their recipes, and most importantly their condiments.



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