Ep 35. Adam Van Bergeijk, Owner and Founder of Mountainoak Cheese Shares his insights on what makes his Artisan cheese so “Gouda”

Adam Van Bergeijk, is the owner and founder of Mountainoak Cheese. After immigrating from Holland along with his wife and children, they were determined to pursue their passions of making cheese. After over 10 years of getting their dairy farm established, in 2006 they were finally granted permission to start making cheese on the farm. In this interview, Adam outlines the importance of family, education and creating a product you’re proud of.IMG_8628

It is wonderful to see that Adam is so involved in the business, from meeting with clients, to actually making cheese… while also balancing his family and beautiful grandchildren.  He mentioned that among many people, his wife is his biggest mentor, and guide into making the right decisions. He is extremely passionate about cheese making, which he mentions is a form of art and expression with different recipes and ingredients. His cheese is called “mountainoak cheese” but the recipe follows that of a traditional Gouda recipe.IMG_8626

Web: http://mountainoakcheese.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mountainoak-Cheese-Ltd/426651720706107

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mountainoakc

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