Ep 2. Trevor Newell, President and Founder of SHOP.CA shares key business insights

In today’s show Fiete Kraay interviews Trevor Newell, President and Founder of SHOP.CA.

Trevor leads strategy, business insight analytics and SHOP.CA’s continued improvement in process engineering. From site analytics, social media marketing platform design to product management, Trevor’s extensive expertise in leading large, multi-disciplinary projects ensures a corporate-wide, customer first approach to project management and budget thinking.

Trevor’s experience includes global enterprises such as ORACLE, EDS and GE and exponentially growing start-ups/early stage ventures including Janna Systems. Trevor’s cross-functional breadth offers SHOP.CA a range of corporate and operational strategy, finance and marketing, global sales, service and investor relations.

Hailing from Wilfrid Laurier University (Honours Bachelor of Business Administration Degree), Trevor has pioneered the launch of the Social Loyalty Network at SHOP.CA and has been instrumental in the company’s partnership with MIT, where he has increased enterprise value through groundbreaking data analytics design.

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