Ep 136. Richard Sham Ku of A&M Gourmet Foods on business dreams


At A&M Gourmet Foods, we know that the best, most delicious foods come from fresh, high-quality ingredients. With that idea as our foundation, we create delicious Dips, Spreads and Desserts by blending wholesome, natural ingredients into classic and innovative recipes. Then we take it one step further by adding that special touch our customers love – convenience!
We offer both branded, private label and food service products.
Food safety and quality is our highest priority. Therefore, we operate in a state-of-the-art SQF certified facility and pass safety audits with flying colors!
All our products are made only with ingredients that your grandmother would approve of. If she doesn’t know what it is, we won’t use it.
Before being sent to stores, our products undergo multiple tasting procedures until they are made to perfection, satisfying everybody on the team. And then we continue to improve them based on your feedback.

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