Ep 135. Maple Farms on nutritional rice in Canada


Maple Farms Canada is an Ontario based company that provides nutritional food products with proven health benefits to consumers across Canada, and North America. Our main product is the great tasting all natural O’Rice product. This flagship of our brand is not only delicious and nutritious, it can help lower the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels naturally.
As a company, our main goal is to produce the finest health-based food products possible. We want to be a top provider of healthy food products to the whole world, and we know our products can do just that. We stand behind out 100% natural, GMO-Free products, and promote the healthy GMO-Free lifestyle. It is our sincere desire, to always be committed to healthy products that are free of genetic manipulation and harmful additives.
With our main product being the base of many staple foods, we are sure to take hold of the health-food market share that we deserve. Everyone here at Maple Farms Canada knows, that we produce and package the best O’Rice and natural oat products on the planet. And everyone here is committed to the same goal – Healthy and nutritious food for everyone!

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