Ep 131. Unique Foods on what’s new in natural products


Founded in 1996 Unique Foods Canada Inc. has grown into a major national distributor in the beverage industry. At Unique Foods, we specialize in importing specialty, high end beverages to all of Canada, and act as a mini PR agency with a full roster of “Ambassadors” available to enhance any event which our products are involved with.

Unique Food has expanded it’s reach well beyond the beverage industry. Continued growth, solid planning and a focus on making sure our customers needs come first, allows the outlook of Unique Foods to remain as promising as the unique and diverse product lines the company is proud to represent.

We’ve been around for 16 years, and are the Pioneers in bringing healthy “new age” products to Canada. We are as truly “Unique” as the products we offer, as we pride ourselves on being a cutting edge, turn key, and progressive company”. Let us earn your business, you will not be disappointed.

To provide you with unique, innovative, new age & functional beverages!

Hype Energy Drinks, Stewart’s Old Fashioned Sodas, Aqua Hydrate Water with electrolytes, ACTIVATE water with vitamins, Icelandic Glacial water, Coco’s Pure coconut water, Protein2o and so on!

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