Ep 128. Marc Lanthier of Boulangerie Bakery on keeping it fresh since 1932


It’s a privilege for me, as president of Lanthier Bakery, to represent the third generation of our family owned bakery, operating since 1932.

Recently we have made great strides in making our products available to a much wider client base. We are now serving most of Ontario and Quebec.

We have been very attentive to rising food costs, providing our customers with additional value based products. We now provide a much wider range of product size and assortment at different price points. We proudly have added a line of locally grown, milled and baked products, for specific customers.

We will now take greater advantage of our extensive distribution network, and flexible production facilities to work closely with strategic partners, to have better coverage and more diverse product offerings.

What has not changed is that all our products are delivered fresh, never frozen. We continue to produce using the sponge a dough method exclusively, a technique which gives our bread its rich aroma. We continue to be committed to producing healthy, nutricious and tasty products.

From our Family to Yours.

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