Ep 126. Seema Pabari, President of Tiffinday on easy meals and ready-to-eat curries


Tiffinday is a boutique food business specializing in plant-based South Asian cuisine. All our products are cooked by human-hand; we source our ingredients, as much as possible, and especially during the growing season from Ontario farmers. When the season ends, we are fortunate to live in a city that has a centrally located food terminal where we can obtain good quality ingredients to keep producing our food, close to home, all year round.

We offer a retail line of ready-to-eat curries, our prepared meals are sold at farmers markets and through a popular litter-less tiffin lunch delivery service, and our hand-made appetisers are available as catered items for your special event.

Our story started in 2010; inspired by the Mumbai dabawallas, we wanted to investigate the possibility of reducing lunchtime packaging waste by creating a “litter-less” lunch delivery service in Toronto. We developed a simple menu, prepared the food fresh each morning at Udupi Palace (the restaurant we work out of), packaged the items in reusable stainless steel tiffins and started delivering them to offices in downtown Toronto. Within a few months, this lunch delivery service became really popular and we continue it even today.

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