Ep 122. Ron Patel, President RM Fresh Brands on why Boxed Water is Better


RM Fresh Brands services Food and Beverage retailers and distributors who are looking for innovative, trend-setting products across North America and internationally. With a focus on sustainable, category changing consumables, we represent an extensive portfolio of highly desirable brands.

At RM Fresh Brands, our proven logistics and inventory control expertise is table stakes. Our focus on generating reach for our innovative and category-changing products drive our success and fuels our growth.

Our company’s differentiator is in our approach to brand partnerships. We ensure our products get the super-star status they deserve. We bring extensive consumer activation expertise to our partners to create market buzz and cut through the brand clutter. With RM Fresh Brands – generating reach comes standard: sampling programs, exclusive sponsorships, shelf space optimization, exclusivity contracts, unique promotional activations and more.

After all, brands are built through authentic connections with consumers, not from just sitting on a shelf.

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