Ep 117. Allan Swartz, CEO of Touché Bakery on the power of listening to your customers


At Touché Bakery, we start with only the finest ingredients available, just as we have done continuously since the beginning.

In 2004, Allan Swartz purchased the company and this commitment to quality led Mr. Swartz to move the bakery from Cornwall to a new facility in London, Ontario. Our state of the art bakery produces high quality products that are 100% nut and peanut free with no added preservatives. Ingredients and products containing nuts (peanuts, tree-nuts or sesame nuts) are not allowed into the plant. Strict protocols have been established to assure this is maintained. Along with being nut-free, Touché Bakery is kosher (dairy) certified and HACCP certified.

Over the years, we have expanded our range of delicious, sweet baked goods to include a wide variety of cookies, meringues, biscotti, frozen dough, frozen batter and cakes. Our customer list continues to grow as we offer our products in different formats for grocery and foodservice customers, commercial caterers, gift baskets, and fundraising markets.

We use the phrase “the taste you will never forget” to describe our products. We bake wholesome goodness into every one of our delicious nut-free treats.

Take a bite and you will understand exactly why.

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