Ep 113. Founders of Tandoori Oven on infusing authentic indian flavours into a clean accessible brand


The Qureshi family are pioneers in offering fresh, locally produce meat products to serve emerging markets in Canada. Mr. Qureshi Senior, became the first Halal meat retailer in Ontario, in 1971.

Keeping the Tradition alive
Through over 40 years of firsts, we’re pleased today to offer another first; the first authentically marinated meat products available in the traditional grocery environment. These marinated products have been produced in-house for years, but until recently available only to hotels, banquet halls and caterers. Take a Tandoori Oven product home with you today and enjoy all of that flavor, with none of the effort.

Halal Every Tandoori Oven product is made with 100% hand-slaughtered Halal meat – We guarantee it. Mr. Qureshi Sr was the first Halal retailer to offer Halal products in Ontario. You don’t last 40+ years by taking chances or cutting corners.

Mr. Qureshi remembers the first time he provided a local halal product. “I went down to Kensington Market, when it was still largely an outdoor market. I approached a Jewish butcher and asked if we could work together. He graciously agreed. Every Sunday I would go down and slaughter animals, right on the market grounds and take them back to our store on the Danforth”.

Halal products go way beyond the religious requirements of some. The development, slaughter and processing of Halal meats deliver is a cleaner process and leads to a better product. Just one taste and you’ll agree. Take a Tandoori Oven product home with you today and enjoy all of that flavor, with none of the effort.

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