Ep 11. Mike Laba, Co-Founder and Brand Director of The Craft Brand Co. shares his Passion for Craft Beer

Mike Laba is the Co-Founder and Brand Director for The Craft Brand Company. The Craft Brand Company is a Canadian based company that represents beer, & spirit brands that have a respect for quality, craftsmanship and authenticity. Mike will give listeners a deeper insight on the brewing industry is full of people who are really passionate about what they do.  Mike also emphasizes the importance of doing what you love, and what you need to get there.


The Craft Brand Company grew out of a passion for really great brands, extensive knowledge of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario and Beer Store and a consumer demand for unique and intriguing products. Mike is so knowledgeable and passionate about Craft Beers, and the importance of making a name for smaller and up and coming craft brewers. This interview shows listeners how close knit an industry can be, but also how rewarding watching your business evolve into something large is.

Web: http://www.craftbrandco.com/ 

Twitter: @CraftBrandCo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CraftBrandCo

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