Ep 104. Trevor Downey of Downey Farms on potatoes grown for taste

This 215 acre farm has been owned and operated by the Downey family since 1920. The farm is located on Heart Lake Road, North of Brampton, Ontario.

Downey’s Estate Winery is owned and operated by the Downey Family, Downey’s Farm Market, North of Brampton, OntarioIn 1987, we opened a roadside corn stand, where the Downey children sold sweet corn so they could buy additional hockey equipment.

Soon, we renovated the dairy barn to house a farmer’s market, with our own in-house bakery, and today we also house our own award-winning winery.
The farm is a family operation, headed by John and Ruth Downey, and their youngest daughter, Darlene. Their oldest son, Greg, grows crops for the farm, and operates Berryview Farm, sister farm to Downey’s. Their other children, Ian, David, and Donna, continue to help out during busy seasons and festivals when not working at their full time careers.
Here’s What We Offer for Sale to Our Guests:

Fresh quality Ontario-grown fruits and vegetables
U-Pick and ready-pick strawberries and raspberries in season
Delicious ice cream from our Ice Cream Saloon
Maple syrup, honey, jams jellies and preserves
Fresh breads, pies and other baked goodies
Cider and donuts
Great Family Entertainment
School Tours, Adult Tours, Group Tours
Farm Festivals and Special Events
Special Events, Company Picnics, Birthday Parties

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