Ep 146. Peter and Chris Neal, Founders of Neal Brothers Foods on working together


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Let’s first start by introducing ourselves. We are Peter and Chris Neal.

In 1988, we started making croutons out of our mom’s Aurora, ON kitchen. Under the name Croutons Croûtons , these crunchy bits of delicious became a huge hit and soon enough, grew out of the home.

The decision soon came to put 100% of our focus into distribution which paved the way to offering more products under the Neal Brothers name.

Soon after came the distribution of others brands starting with Chatam Village Croutons. We continued (and still continue) searching all over and seeking out unique food products to bring to store shelves.

We will always hold true to our humble beginnings by offering the freshest ingredients in our foods. Where we can, we offer products made from organic ingredients to help sustain our environment and keep us healthy and chemical free. We also strongly believe in the Fair Trade movement and the positive impact it has on millions of poor farmers around the world. We distribute many Fair Trade items such as Kicking Horse coffee and TCHO chocolate.

We are proud of the company we have built and have fun building it with the quality employees who work with us, the retailers who partner with us, and the consumers who support us!

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