Ep 118. Wedderspoon Natural and Organic Manuka Honey from New Zealand


When Catherine and Sebastien Martin noticed there was no Manuka Honey in the Canadian or US market place, or at least not widely distributed and available, they thought they could do a better job at educating consumers on the virtues of Manuka honey. Knowing how valuable the product was, they researched the differences that did exist in New Zealand between all Manuka honeys. Although it was a tad bit tedious, it was a well worth it job. By sourcing the best, Sebastien and Catherine wanted an organically certified honey that was free of chemicals and pesticide residues with a high pollen count. Many Manuka Honeys in New Zealand did not offer a sufficient level of Manuka pollen count and yet were sold as Manuka honey.

Wedderspoon ® was created with the unique mindset of providing genuine organically certified Manuka products with a high pollen count going way above guidelines and has been the leader in the industry for the last 8 years in the organic world. As a young, innovative company Wedderspoon ® based its principles on ethical production and fine feed techniques, so the consumer would not end up with coarse, grainy honey while still providing an unpasteurised, raw and organically certified Manuka honey from New Zealand. Providing today up to 35 items all made of high quality ingredients, Wedderspoon ® provides excellent customer service and educates its customers on the quality of the products it carries, benefiting nature, the bees, the organic industry but most importantly, you!

The focus of Wedderspoon ® is to bring its customers superior quality products, which benefit both themselves and the environment. All Wedderspoon ® products are BPA Free and have been tested against 150 different chemicals and pesticides residues, which is not mandatory for conventional Manuka honey.

Today, Wedderspoon Organic ® continues to rapidly grow, offering continued excellence in its wide choice of products and is establishing itself as the one true voice of the Manuka Honey in North America. We will continue to offer an even wider range of products online, in health food stores and at quality retailers around the globe. Based in Duncan, Vancouver Island (BC), our quality products can be purchased online and in North America, as far north as Inuvik, in the Northwest Territories to the far eastern St. John’s in Newfoundland for Canada and even down to South America, too!

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